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I have bounced around taking lessons from dozens of instructors. Never again. Jeff Smith is the real deal. His knowledge and way of communicating what is needed are way better than everyone else. I got better in EVERY part of the game we touched on. The guy is a true expert coach!
Will H – Carmel, Indiana
This is the best I have ever played! I am very pleased. I feel really good about the distance increases, and I am now able to hit a 4 iron now! My putting is really good and my wedge game has been transformed! It is amazing what a couple of hours with you can do to change a guy’s game!
Jeff has exceptional knowledge of the golf game in its entirety. He is a great communicator and teacher and, with his video/computer technology, is able to instruct and “show” the student exactly what changes need to be made in the swing. Under Jeff’s instruction, all aspects of my game have improved, especially my short game and my decision making. I was able to take my golf game to a level I did not think possible in such a short time. I just shot my personal best 2 weeks ago and have more confidence in myself than I ever have. I took my first lesson in May and by late September, my handicap index dropped from 32.0 to 17.8.
Brian J – Greenwood, IN
Thank you! Golf is fun again! I replayed yesterday’s round in my head, I counted 12 shots (did not include putts) that were as good of shots as I’ve ever hit! Example: #18, a par 4 we played at 420 yards plus it was very wet! After my drive which released 6 inches, I was exactly 200 yards to the pin. I took a 3-wood and hit the best shot of my life to pin high. It was the most perfect 3-wood I’ve ever hit! So many of the things we’ve discussed are working. The most important is getting my chest through the shot and having it face the target after my follow through. After some more range time, a few more rounds and the end of this virus trouble, let’s get back to work!
Dave S – Indianapolis, IN
Holy Smokes! This guy is amazing! Not only could he diagnose my issue, he fixed it in 10 minutes! I haven’t sliced the ball in 6 months since seeing him the 1st time! I have spent more time on the course and less time practicing and my game is so much better!
Mike M – Indianapolis, IN
If you want golf to be easy and instantly better, go see Jeff. He is your guy. I wasted so much time with others who did not make me play better or have fun, and Jeff did that for me instantly! I wasted countless thousands of dollars on equipment and nothing has helped until seeing Jeff. He has saved me so much frustration, time and money and replaced that with enjoyable golf and fun!
Doug H. – Greenwood, IN
Jeff, I have played some of my best golf ever since I got into college. My 1st semester in my college tournaments, I finished 2nd, 3rd, 1st, then 2nd again. Your recent putting help and course management help was the difference maker! You are the best!
Bryce T – Columbus, IN
I have won 2 club championships back to back while working with Jeff. He really cared for me and coached me how to play better and how to play under tough conditions, and how to keep my cool and win! He is amazing and the smartest coach I have ever been around. He showed me why the things I was doing were going to continue to be bad for me, and what would be good for me. He was right about it all.
Brad G – Houston, Tx
You have all the tech but you don’t make it technical! I can NOT believe how easy you made it to hit the best shots of my life! It was fast, simple, repeatable, straight and crazy long!
Tim M – Beech Grove, IN
I used to think I had to be using a swing model. I was so wrong! Jeff gave me my own golf swing that’s right for me in 30 minutes time and it’s crazy good! Then he taught me on the course and it’s crazy how much I learned about how to play better!”
Kyle E – Franklin, IN
I used to think that golf was hard. Now it’s fun! Jeff taught me everything from getting our of bunkers easily to reading greens, to hitting drives I only dreamed about, and my scores are much much lower! This guy is so much fun to be around!
Max T. – Indianapolis, IN
From the minute we started with Jeff, we knew he was terrific with our son. He was fast, effective, encouraging and taught the entire game – not just how to hit a ball. My son just made the varsity high school team!
Jenny M – Louisville, KY
5 lessons with Jeff and I am playing my best golf ever! My drives are solid, long and straight, my irons are flying high and far and my bunker game and putting are out of this world. I’m a whole new golfer!
Mark C – Noblesville, IN
It’s 20 yards longer! That is the best 5 iron that I have hit! I have to go and relearn my distances with all my clubs now.
Drew W – Noblesville