Your Best Golf Isn’t Always About The Swing

There are many students who come to me for help with their golf swing, and I am honored that they do.

Many golfers who come to me with problems in their game and insist that their swing is the trouble, and for many – the way they are hitting the ball is a fundamental problem in their game, and we get to work on that when it’s necessary. Many times – it is in how they set up and hold the club – not the swing motion itself. Many players are not setting up to swing in the way their body will naturally move based upon their bodies.

As players describe their games to me, and it quickly becomes obvious that there are many parts of their games that we need to address…..not just their swing.

A large number of the golfers that I work with that we spend a significant amount of time with their short game shots, as well as their decision making on the course, especially the decisions they make around the greens and how that affects their score. We also spend a good bit of time with their putting to make sure that they get rid of the dreaded three-putt.

No matter who I get to work with, we spend time saving strokes in every way, especially keeping their emotions under control so they can play at their emotional and mental peak, and their decision – making processes so they match what they truly can do under pressure.

This means to many of the golfers that I work with that we are evaluating what their skills are, play within themselves and then get to work on the skills and shots that they don’t own yet.

Do yourself a favor – take some time to look at yourself in all aspects of your game, be brutally honest with yourself, and learn exactly where you can improve – I’ll bet you that it’s not always your swing.

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