Golf Swing Success – Match Your Swing To What Your Body Is Built To Do

There is no 1 perfect swing for all – only perfect impact conditions. How you get there can be made easier by understanding your own abilities and limitations are and working from there.

 All Pretty Successful Swings - What's Yours?
All Pretty Successful Swings – What’s Yours?

If there was a singular perfect swing that all of us could perform, the ideas that constitute it wouldn’t have changed so many times over the years. Not everyone is built the same so there cannot be 1 swing concept. You must find out what your body can perform. 

I test students very early in their process of building what is best for them. I use 12 different physical tests that show me what each person will be able to do based on their body characteristics, flexibility, balance, speed and strength in certain ares. 

These tests will clearly show that person what they will do the best and know that they can perform well in certain motions and that they would not perform well in other types of motion. 

I will understand your strengths and what you are built to do to help you progress much faster and then set you on a very quick path to your best golf.

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