How Do I Train My Students to Hit It So Far?

I get asked frequently how I get my students to hit it so long.

* I have a system that I call “MetamorphiSmith” that encourages speed and delivering force into the ball.

* I know & understand their body’s unique way of creating force and speed. I call this “allowing the athlete to be the athlete”. 

*  Fit their equipment and their setup properly that helps optimize ball flight ( I use Foresight Sports Launch Monitor & BioSwing Dynamics)

* Implement a fitness & conditioning program that emphasizes power, explosiveness, and speed. I have partnered with Dr. Nathan Frazier from MVP Performance. )

* Train with equipment that measures & helps optimize ball flight. The long ball is part of the game and it’s not going away, but it needs to be in play.

* Train the students to learn the course and where to be on it for their best play.

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